Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Update

Warning: Christian content to follow.

Just as an update to all who enjoy reading my blogs; through much reflection and prayer I've decided to intersperse my humorous posts with (gasp!) Christian ideals as well. I'm posting this as a tongue-in-cheek, advance notice warning of my intent with the hope of heading off any disgruntled comments, emails, smoke signals, what have you. Not to worry, I still intend to find the humor in everyday life and write about it from my sometimes warped perspective as well. I hope you'll continue to follow and enjoy the content and perhaps have some fun with the new content as well.

Much love to you all! I so appreciate each of you for your time, energy, support, and as always your comments as well.

New post having to do with sliding glass doors to follow.

Cheers to you all, and many blessings for your future.

Apryl :)

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