Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here's the thing...

A few weeks ago I asked my readers for funny real-life stories involving their families. Only one story was posted in response to this request. I'm posting this story verbatim as it was just fantastic! Please enjoy, leave your comments, and hey I would still love to hear any other stories out there! I guarantee that my family are hardly the only people to have the most incredible situations thrust into their laps.

Apryl :)

deanaohara said...
I have two boys - some days I believe they live to embarrass me - or at least get even for the time I drove them to school wearing bunny ears at Easter. One of our favorite stories involves Children's Message at church. This is where Pastor calls all of the younger children up front for a message. They really should ban that practice you know. Pastor was talking about stewardship and helping around the house. He asked the kids if they had jobs and my oldest (4 at the time) raised his hand. I was so proud - I mean what would he say, feed the dog, pick up his room. I could not wait for the wonderful words that I was sure to follow.

When pastor called on him, Charlie proudly proclaimed that it was his job to "Get Daddy his beer during football games."

Radio silence - all you could hear was the WHACK my hand made on my husband's arm. Then a yelp. Weenie. To which pastor proclaimed "Not anymore Charlie." and bit his lip/to which to whole congregation (600 or so) cracked up.

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