Friday, September 18, 2009

Give a wave as you pass...

As I stood up from my desk I turned and walked toward the window in my office and spotted this "little guy" who seemed to be waving at my coworker and I. Of course my natural response was to walk over to the window, peer closely at this mutant creature and exclaim, "Holy cow! What IS that?!?" My coworker and I were both creeped out and yet curious as to the species of this seemingly monstrous bug. It was about two inches tall and at least three inches long. Naturally I had to get a picture and email to my hubby and a girlfriend. Their responses were amusing in themselves. Girlfriend's reply was something like "Ack! Kill it!!!" Hubby's was, "Hey, send that pic to a 'bug guy' and find out what the heck that thing is!"

Considering I work at the airport, I'm guessing that its definitely NOT indigenous to the California Central Valley, and more than likely somehow hitched a ride on an incoming flight. This sucker was large enough to have afforded his own seat.

Hubby did in fact submit this pic to a 'bug guy' and received a response this morning that he had no idea what it could be, that it sort of looked like a Robber Fly, but given it's dimensions it was far larger than any he'd ever heard of. Great. Definitely a mutant. So I took it upon myself to submit the pic to a website called From what I read about Robber Flies, they are native to Southern Mexico and certainly don't belong in Central California! Someone really ought to inform said mutant insect that he took a WAY wrong turn somewhere near the border. Return home! Post haste!

Anyone have any thoughts as to what this sucker is?


Cindy DG said...

Too funny, that thing is HUGE!
:) Cindy

Michael and Lynn Vickers said...

It is a really interesting creature.. I love how it is checking you out =)~

You should have kept it as a pet..