Friday, March 4, 2011

Boys will be boys

Not long ago we spent the evening with a friend who was a framer in another life.  He shared with us stories from his construction days, regaling us with tales of his crew and a rival framing gang playing practical jokes on one another while working side by side on a mutual job site. They did such innocuous things as shooting nails via electric nail guns into the air, arcing those nails over structures at each other and gluing tiles down to the rival crew's freshly completed deck.  But really, what could possibly top walking in to the framed structure they left in pristine condition the evening before to find your saw horses have all been nailed to the ceiling joists?  Legs dangling in the air like walking through a construction themed fun house, I imagined the crew standing there, scratching their collective heads, trying to figure out how to get the darned things down.

The practical jokes came to a halt when bodily injury was threatened after the last practical joke went a tad too far.  Having used a pitch fork to retrieve a dead skunk along the side of the road, said skunk was then buried in a shallow grave of sorts in the dirt of the unfinished living room of the rival crew's structure.  Evidently it took that crew more than half the day to locate the offending smell.  The same crew was particularly unimpressed with this latest joke so having opted to re-gift the skunk, they performed the increasingly popular drive-by skunking.  This was accomplished by gathering the skunk in plastic and while sitting in the bed of a speeding pickup, swinging the skunk around and around much like a cowboy prepares to lasso a calf, then attempting to fling it through the open trailer door of their rivals' living quarters.  They missed.  Decomposing skunk remains relatively exploded along the siding of the trailer.  Mayhem definitely ensued. There may have been a high speed chase involved although no one will directly admit to it.

Witty quip of the day:  Boys will be boys.  However, they really ought not be allowed to play with power tools and skunks.

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