Friday, March 18, 2011


You may remember my friend "Jane" who manages a low income housing complex and whose tenants keep her on her toes.  Case in point:  the privately paid housekeeper (paid for by the tenant's family) who poked her head into Jane's office the other day to advise that she was on site to clean Mrs. X's apartment and who then announced that she hadn't slept well the night before and would Jane mind if she (the housekeeper) took a "little nap" on the sofa in the reception area.  Jane's response was something along the lines of - awkward pause - "no, you may not sleep in our reception area!" 

People genuinely never cease to shock and amaze me.  I really can't explain why!  I've seen some crazy things in my lifetime, had the distinct "pleasure" of knowing all sorts of people both savory and unsavory, if you will, and yet whenever someone comes onto my radar with what would seem to be a complete lack of couth and social grace, I'm still astonished.  I'm still taken aback.  Clearly I need to lower my expectations of humanity as a whole.  I have this innate belief (which is evidently a tad skewed) that most people are decent, hard working, willing to lend a helping hand, and would never deliberately act in a manner that would be considered by most of society, as inappropriate.  How twisted is MY thinking?

Witty quip of the day:  you know, I think I'm a bit too sleepy to come up with anything witty, so instead I'm heading to Starbucks down the street to ask if I can nap on their sofa.  Sweet dreams!

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