Friday, November 20, 2015

Dining on What?

Eating out.  One of my favorite things to do.  Genuinely.  As much as I love to plan, and source for, amazing recipes and try new things, I seriously dig going out and being served an amazing meal.  I’m sure that love is primarily motivated by my lack of desire to clean up the kitchen!
If I could someone how combine my love of hiking with my love of fabulous cuisine… well let’s just say that’s a business plan I could totally get behind!  Maybe I should start a mobile food cart in which I travel around to the local hiking hot-spots and offer primal noms to replenish the soul.  Or at least the body!  So in a perfect world, here’s what someone would hand me at the trail head on a bright sunny day:
A chilled bottle of dry Riesling; cool, creamy sliced Havarti; cold green grapes and sliced mango; thin sliced English cucumbers; and to balance it off, several spicy, sliced radishes along with some jalapeno stuffed green olives.  Now doesn’t that sound like the most divine way to celebrate cresting that ridge?  Finding the top of that trail?  Exploring the woods and coming out on the other side into a gorgeous pool of sunlight?  Yeah.
Today’s witty quip:  Be sure to pack your corkscrew and plastic wine glasses in your trail pack, cuz you just never know when I might show up with a great bottle of wine and some primal delights with which to tantalize you!

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