Thursday, June 16, 2011

PMS and the Holy Spirit?

To an online prayer group I belong to, I wrote the following:  God save me from raging hormones and pompous, arrogant city workers who believe their time is FAR more valuable than that of the assistant (that would be me) to the Executive Director of a 3 building elder care campus.  ARRRRGGGG!!!!  

Okay Holy Spirit, time to do your thing.  Zap me!  Whack me upside the head!  But please, oh please, give me the wherewithal to take a breath before I speak, cuz if I pray for strength, combined with the hormones, I'll likely turn into the Incredible Hulk - and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.  Well that, and I really don't look great in that particular shade of green.  Just sayin'. 

**meek, small voice: prayers are much appreciated right now, thanks.

PMS.  Pre-menstrual-syndrome.  Every year that passes, it just gets worse and worse.  Every year that passes, I ask the doctor "but WHY can't you just yank it all out?".  With every year that passes, the more certain I become that for 10 days a month I turn into a wholly different, not entirely human, being!  One without compassion, or patience, or control.  One whom, once crossed, instantly sees red and as a result spends an amazing amount of time apologizing to people.  Let me tell you how much THAT is so my FAVORITE thing to do.  *Deep breath*  *Deep breath* *Deep breath*

So this time (I'm a little slow to realize certain things) I had the brilliant idea to ask for prayer from those lovely folks in my prayer group.  Will it help?  Will God actually reach down, touch my head, and say "be thou FREE from PMS for all eternity"?  Who knows, but it sure made me feel better to ask.  Well, that and the iced coffee, and Simple Minds playing on Pandora, and the small salad I found in the fridge. 

Today's witty quip:  Just hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt! 

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